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Are you passionate about helping others? Join us at our Volunteer Recruitment Fair where you can learn about the various volunteering opportunities available at IRFBE. Meet our dedicated volunteers, understand the impact of your contribution, and find a role that suits your interests and skills. Let’s beat hunger together and make a difference in your community.

Even though volunteer recruitment fair is conducted twice a year, our door is open for individual and corporate volunteers all year round.  


Volunteers generously give their time and skills to help those in need

Food banks rely heavily on volunteers to help with various aspects of their operations. Firstly, volunteers are essential in the process of sorting and organizing donated food items. They play a crucial role in ensuring that these items are properly inspected, sorted, and stored, which helps maintain the quality and safety of the food distributed to those in need. Additionally, volunteers often assist with packing and distributing food packages, ensuring that individuals and families receive the necessary supplies efficiently and in a timely manner.

Volunteers also contribute by assisting with administrative tasks, such as data entry, answering phones, and coordinating schedules. Their involvement allows food bank staff to focus on strategizing and managing the overall operations effectively. Ultimately, without the dedication and support of volunteers, food banks would struggle to meet the increasing demand for aid and may not be able to provide essential assistance to vulnerable individuals and communities.

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Managing Director & Founder


 Manager Operations


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Start Date:

Oct 07, 2023: 09:30am

End Date:

Oct 07, 2023: 12:00pm


09:30am - 12:00pm


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