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Our mission

Our goals

Optimizing food distribution through operational efficiency and increasing access to food for targeted populations.

How can we make donations?

You can donate non-perishable food items like canned goods, pasta, cereal, and other shelf-stable items. You can also donate fresh produce. Our team is always available to collect the donations from your site and present you with certificate of donations.

Who uses the donated items?

All donations made will immediately be distributed to beneficiary agencies that are involved in providing daily meal services to thousand of people who are in need of food and other supplies.

How do you ensure the safety and quality of items donated?

We ensure the safety and quality of donated foods through a variety of measures. Firstly, we work closely with local food suppliers and grocery stores to receive surplus, unspoiled, and non-expired products. These donations are carefully inspected before being included in our inventory. Additionally, we follow strict health and safety guidelines, such as adhering to proper food handling practices and maintaining clean storage facilities. We also regularly monitor and record the temperature of perishable items to ensure they remain within safe limits. Moreover, we often collaborate with local health departments and rely on trained volunteers to sort and check the quality of donated items. By implementing these precautions, food banks prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of those they serve.

What do you use direct monetary donations?

We use donations of money to fulfill our mission of fighting hunger in the community. With these funds, we will be able to purchase and acquire nutritious food products in bulk, often at discounted rates. We also use the donated money to cover operational costs such as transportation, storage, and distribution expenses. Additionally, we may invest in infrastructure improvements and technology to enhance our efficiency and reach more people in need.

In which areas are you operating at the moment?

Currently we are working in and around Addis Ababa. But, the implementation our upcoming expansion projects will enable us to cover all regions including Dire Dawa.

What do you need volunteers for?

We rely on volunteers for a number of reasons. First and foremost, volunteers are needed to sort, pack, and distribute donated food items. Food banks receive a large number of donated foods in a variety of forms, including fresh produce, canned goods, and packaged foods. Volunteers help us to organize and distribute these items to ensure that they reach those who need them most. Additionally, we often rely on volunteers to assist with fundraising efforts. Volunteers may help with event planning, outreach, social media, or other activities designed to raise awareness and funds for the organization. Finally, volunteers play an important role in building relationships between the food bank and the community. They can help spread the word about the services provided by our food bank, and encourage others to support this important work.

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