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Join us in celebrating World Food Day with various activities such as recipe contests, cooking demonstrations, and workshops on food security. This event aims to raise awareness of food security and promote sustainable food practices.

On top of enjoying delicious cuisines, participants will take part in team building activities and discussions that shed light on state of food security in Ethiopia.

Pillars of Food Security

Food security occurs when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

Availability refers to the supply of food in comparison with the demand for food at national, regional and household levels. In others words physical availability of food is attained when food supply is equal or greater that the demand for food at national, regional and household levels.

Accessibility refers to the fact that food should not only be available but be within reach of families and individuals. Infrastructures must be put in place to ensure timely movement and supply of basic food items to families and individuals. The food that is available must be within reach of households and that individuals have the means to access food. Therefore, food accessibility requires physical and economical ability to obtain adequate and nutritious food, Food accessibility is impacted by factors such as health, food prices and distance.

Utilization refers to the sufficiency of energy and nutrient intake by individuals which in turn are the result of good care and feeding practices, food preparation, diversity of the diet and distribution of food. Combined with good biological utilization of food consumed, this determines the nutritional status of individuals.

Stability is related with adequacy of access. Even if household and individual food intake is adequate today, they are still considered to be food insecure if they have inadequate access to food on a periodic basis, risking a deterioration of your nutritional status. Adverse weather conditions, political instability, or economic factors (unemployment, rising food prices) may have disruptive impact on food security status.


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Start Date:

Oct 16, 2023: 05:00am

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Oct 16, 2023: 01:00pm


05:00am - 01:00pm


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