IRFBE’s effort to bond with farmers

We had a fruitful initial meeting with young smallholder farmers and owners on April 16, 2021 in Meki, 137km away from Addis Ababa as a part of IRFBE’s effort to bond with farmers. We have created a common understanding and sprite of cooperation. 

Why is it important for food banks to work with farmers?

Partnership between food banks and farmers helps bridge the gap between food surplus and food insecurity, leading to more sustainable and equitable food systems within communities. Here some of the main uses.

Ethiopia has a vast agricultural potential with its favorable climate, diverse agro-ecological zones, and abundant land resources. The country is known as the “water tower” of Africa due to its numerous rivers, lakes, and water sources, making irrigation possible for farming activities. Additionally, Ethiopia has a large rural population that relies heavily on agriculture for their livelihoods. Despite some challenges such as limited access to technology and modern farming practices, farmers in Ethiopia exhibit great resilience and determination. With proper support and training, these farmers have the potential to significantly increase their productivity, contribute to food security, and boost the country’s economic development.

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