Leveraging on Partnerships to reach vulnerable communities

It Rains rely on its strategic partnerships with relief organization to further its mission. It Rains has supplied food items to Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO), that provides shelter to vulnerable single mothers. Donations  includes, Flour, vegetables, grain and cooking Oil. 

Reaching elderly people who need critical assistance is a priority for It Rains Food Bank of Ethiopia. Partnership with CIBISIDO has created an opportunity to meet elderly people where they are. It Rains has donated various food items to CIBISIDO.

As a part of the effort to reach children; the team has been working with Orphanages and has continued supporting care providing agencies. It Rains has supplied groceries for Zewdenesh Meshesha and Sele Enat Orphanages.

Why our elders matter for us

Elders matter because they bring wisdom, experience, and valuable perspectives to our lives

Also, the life of elders in Ethiopia is influenced by traditional values, strong family ties, and a deep respect for wisdom and experience. Elders hold a special place in Ethiopian society and are often highly esteemed and revered.

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