26,000 Kilograms of Rice Donated to Support Displaced Communities in Ethiopia

In line with its emergency response program, It Rains Food Bank of Ethiopia solicits donations to provide relief to communities facing emergencies across Ethiopia. In a noteworthy act of generosity, IRFBE has recently received a shipment of 26000 Kg of rice from India purchased by a group of individual donors from Dallas, Texas, USA. IRFBE representative handed over the rice donation to the Ethiopian Emergency and Preparedness Commission on August 9th. IRFBE is collaborating with the commission to distribute aid to internally displaced people in the Afar region.

Impact of the donation

Displacement is an ongoing challenge faced by many communities in Ethiopia. It’s heartening to see individuals from far away stepping up to address the humanitarian crisis. Such significant assistance enables IRFBE to extend its support to those most in need, providing nourishment during these difficult times.
The donation represents international solidarity and empathy. It highlights the power of collective efforts to make a positive impact, irrespective of borders or boundaries. The arrival of this historic rice donation serves as a reminder that we are all connected and can support one another.

We celebrate this exemplary act of kindness and commend all 26 donors and their representative Tyler Fraser. The donation makes a difference in the lives of displaced communities, offering them hope, sustenance, and the reassurance that they are not forsaken.

IRFBE is actively working with local and international partners and stakeholders to raise funds and mobilize resources to provide essential food items and nutrition to communities displaced due to conflict across Ethiopia. Together, we can uplift those in need and create a more compassionate and equitable world.

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